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I started birth control pills on May 26th, which was CD2. It feels weird to be on BC again after trying so hard to get pregnant for a year and a half. I was actually off BC for about 3 years before we even started TTC (trying to conceive). We just half-assedly used a combination of the rhythm method and the “pull and pray” method knowing full well that an “oops” was possible. We were in a steady relationship and we were willing to step up to the plate and be parents if an accident happened. An accident – ha! Little did we know then that an “oops” was the last thing we needed to worry about!

Buuuuut…here I am back on the pill. It seems counterproductive to take a birth control pill to try to get pregnant, but it’s an important part of my IVF (antagonist) protocol. It’s supposed to keep my body from developing a lead follicle. If that were to happen, no amount of stimulation drugs would be able to cultivate a multitude of mature follicles. I don’t have any major side effects from it. Maybe a touch of nausea, but that’s about it. I guess I should just appreciate the lack of side effects while I can. I doubt I’ll be so lucky once I start the stimulation drugs! Speaking of which, those drugs have literally taken over an entire drawer in my dining room hutch. And there are more in my refrigerator! I was not prepared for the giant box those drugs came in from the specialty pharmacy. I knew there would be a lot of drugs involved, but seeing them all together like that really drove it home. Ugh. All I can say is thank goodness for awesome insurance. The total bill for all those drugs and needles and supplies? About $80.00. I’ll take that.

There won’t be anything new on the IVF front for a minute here. I have to take the birth control pills until June 10th and take a low-dose aspirin every evening beginning June 8th. Then I’ll go in for a baseline ultrasound and labwork on June 13th and if all goes well I should start stimulation on June 15th. I’m a little nervous that my estradiol will be too high at my baseline appointment and they’ll have to cancel the cycle. It was near the upper threshold when they did my CD3 bloods.  Let’s hope the birth control does a good job suppressing everything this cycle!