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I’m still in the boring part of the IVF cycle, but I’m finally getting closer to the real action. I’m starting to get excited now. I’m done with the initial suppression phase of my first IVF cycle. I took my last birth control pill this morning. I think I might actually miss taking it. Even at 28, I still get hormonal acne around my jawline and taking BC pills for a couple weeks cleared it up really fast! I forgot about that side benefit of BC.

Started taking a baby aspirin nightly on Saturday and I’m supposed to keep taking that until the nurse tells me to stop. Nothing exciting there.

I go in for my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork on Thursday. Question for you IVF veterans out there: what did they check for you at this appointment? I’m guessing they’ll do another antral follicle count to see what we’re starting with even though they already did one a couple months ago (a standard check to rule out diminished ovarian reserve – I had 23, so no concerns there). And I know they’ll definitely check my estradiol levels (fingers crossed for <60) and look at my ovaries to make sure I haven’t developed a lead follicle. Anything else?