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My husband and I have recently gotten into the show “Shameless” on Showtime. It follows a totally crazy family and their friends living in squalor on Chicago’s south side. We’re watching old episodes On Demand, so if you’re ahead of us, don’t give anything away!

I just had to comment on one of the recent storylines that highlighted to me how little most Americans really know about what it takes to conceive a baby and how that process really works. One of the characters, Veronica, is “humping like bunnies” with her partner, Kevin, in an attempt to get pregnant. She said her morning routine every day involved doing the deed and then taking a pregnancy test (let’s not even touch the scientific silliness of that one – this show must be written by a man). When that’s not working, she goes to a clinic and finds out that she has PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) from a past STD infection and she will not be able to have children. It started out as a heartfelt story line that actually did kind of portray the way infertility wedges itself into our lives and makes us all a little crazy. Of course, on a show like this, it got out of hand really fast.

For financial reasons, medically assisted reproduction was out of the question. Somehow, they end up deciding that Veronica’s mother would be their best option for a surrogate (but they really mean surrogate AND egg donor – so her child would be her biological sister). They go on to try different fertilization methods (of which a turkey baster is the most sane attempt) every day (because apparently this woman ovulates for a week straight) and each time they know that it’s not working because the mother isn’t throwing up THE NEXT MORNING. Oh, it’s all so ridiculous. I know this is not the type of show people should be watching to learn about conception, but I often worry that in our society, people just have a huge lack of knowledge about fertility and infertility alike. Anyway, I can’t wait to see how this story line pans out. It’s been quite entertaining! If you’re looking for a good infertility-related laugh (something that doesn’t come around often enough), check it out!