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I went to my baseline appointment to kick off my first IVF cycle this morning. I don’t have any results back from my bloodwork yet, but so far everything is looking good.

They said I should be getting some period-like breakthrough bleeding since I stopped the BC pills 3 days ago. The ultrasound tech could actually tell that it would be fairly light bleeding and it might not happen for another few days, possibly even after I start the stims. I’m glad she told me that or I probably would have thought something was wrong. They did have to do a beta along with my other bloodwork because I haven’t started bleeding yet. They just want to make absolutely sure that I didn’t ovulate through the BC and get pregnant somehow. I absolutely do not think I’m pregnant, so nobody should get excited about that! I already have that incurable headache that I get right before my period every cycle, so I’m sure it will happen in the next couple days.

So now I just sit around and twiddle my thumbs until they call me with the results of my bloodwork and dosage instructions for my first few days of Follistim (and possibly low-dose HCG). They said I might not hear from them until Saturday morning. Ugh – I’m so antsy to get everything started now!

Oh – I have another question for you ladies! Do you usually ask for copies of your sonograms this early in the game? Is it weird if I ask for them? I know they’re just taking pictures to check for cysts and count antral follicles right now, but I’m nosy/curious and I want to see what my insides look like!