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So, yesterday I managed to write an entire post that basically just said “I had my baseline appointment today and didn’t get any information.” Way to go, Missy! That was exciting. So I figured I’d post a quick update today with the findings from yesterday’s visit since I finally willed the nurse into calling me with results.

Antral Follicle Count: 33. I’m happy with that. Lots of follies to work with there! Two months ago at my initial RE consultation I had 23. I’ll take those extra 10.

Estradiol: 44. I don’t remember exactly what it was last time, but it was close to the max that my doc likes at the beginning of a cycle, which is 70. So, much better this time around.

Instructions: 300 IU Follistim Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evening and keep up with the nightly baby aspirin. No low-dose HCG needed yet, so I only have to do one injection per night for now. That’ll be a nice way to ease into all of this.

Next appointment: Tuesday morning for my first monitoring ultrasound and bloodwork.

Feeling cautiously optimistic heading into IVF #1 with these numbers, though I admit I’m not yet an expert on what I’m looking for!