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I did my first 300 IU Follistim injection on Saturday, and the shot itself was totally easy. That short needle is really not very intimidating. I did it myself and the whole process only took about 2 minutes. I must have really jabbed myself, though, because I now have a nickel-sized bruise at that injection site. Yesterday was my second shot and that one went fine, too. I must have gotten better at it because that one hasn’t bruised. Thank goodness – I thought my tummy was going to be covered in tiny bruises like polka dots!

So far, I’ve had absolutely no side effects, which is great. I’m hoping that holds out, but it’s early yet. When I was at the RE’s office last time, I asked what I can take during the rest of the cycle if I’m hit with migraines (which I get frequently anyway, but I’m afraid I’ll get them more often on all of these drugs). They said I can take Excedrin pre-transfer if it gets really bad, but they’d prefer that I stick with Tylenol if at all possible. So of course, I’ve already decided that I’ll stick with Tylenol (which I don’t even own because it doesn’t work for me). I just don’t want to have any regrets if this cycle doesn’t work out.

I’m supposed to do another 300 IU Follistim injection tonight and then I go in for my first monitoring appointment tomorrow morning. More questions for you veterans out there:

What should I be looking for at the first monitoring appointment? I know ideally we want to see similarly sized follicles, but does it matter what size they are after only 3 days of stims?

Will I get an idea of how many of those 33 antral follicles will go on to mature (to some degree) this cycle? I’m assuming they won’t all mature, but I guess I really don’t know how that works.

Is there a target estradiol range at this stage?