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Just a quick update mostly for my own documentation purposes. I went in for my first monitoring appointment today and, as you’d expect, it wasn’t very exciting. I’ve only done 3 Follistim injections so far, so we’re still early in this game. The ultrasound showed lots of small follicles (the ultrasound tech said they were all under 8mm). My estradiol level came back at 183, which seems fine to my untrained eye. Hopefully I’ll get to see more progress at my next appointment.

I also got dosage instructions for the next two days (I’ll go in again for monitoring on Thursday morning). They’re increasing my Follistim dose from 300 IU to 350 IU per night. They’re also adding in the low-dose HCG at 8 units both evenings. I’m supposed to keep up with the baby aspirin as well.

Tonight I’ll be using my Follistim overfill plus whatever I need from a new cartridge to get to that 350 IU dose. That means two Follistim injections plus the HCG injection tonight. I knew I wasn’t going to get away with those single-shot nights very long! I’m thinking I might prefer to do the subcutaneous injections on my thigh rather than my abdomen. I have rather large bazoombas and they can make it challenging to see what I’m doing in the abdominal region! Do any of you ladies have a preference? Have you tried subcutaneous shots in the thigh yet?