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Yesterday was my second ultrasound and blood draw since starting stims. It was day 6 of stims (so I’d actually done 5 days of injections as of that morning). So far, it looks like things are going well. There were still lots of follicles, though many of them were under 9mm and the ultrasound tech said she didn’t think those small ones would ever mature this cycle. I do have some growing follicles, so it looks like I’m responding to the meds now. The tech said that if she had to guess based on the most recent scan, I’d have 11 mature follicles this cycle: 3 on the left and 8 on the right. But she did say it’s still really too early to tell. The largest follicles were only around 13mm.

I’m completely in awe of that ultrasound machine. I got to see a 3D image of my ovary with color-coded follicles and their coordinating measurements. Mr. A was totally impressed. This is not my ovary, BTW. It’s a sample image from my clinic’s website, but I just had to share.

Estradiol was up to 534, which seems like good progress over the 183 from 2 days earlier. Again, I’m not really sure what a “good” estradiol number is at this stage, but the nurse mine was normal.

New instructions – 3 shots every night (at least – even more if I can’t get my Follistim dose in a single injection): 375 IU Follistim and 10 units low-dose HCG at my normal time, and then 1 syringe of Ganirelix at 10pm.

As for the tummy vs. thigh injection spot debate, I am now firmly in the tummy camp. I tried doing my HCG shot in my thigh last night and it hurt like the dickens! It almost felt like I hit muscle. I’m glad it was the HCG because it looks like that one can be injected either subcutaneous or intramuscular. Anyway, I won’t be trying that again if I can help it!

Next appointment is tomorrow morning – hoping for even more progress!