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Quick post to let you know I went in again yesterday morning on day 8 of stims (so 7 nights worth of injections done) for ultrasound and a blood draw to see how my follicles are coming along. So far, so good! When the nurse called to list off follicles and sizes, I was writing as fast as I could, but I think I missed some. She said there were a lot! Here’s what I was able to scribble down:

Right Ovary: 12, 12, 12, 10, 10, 9 and a bunch that were under 9mm

Left Ovary: 15, 14, 14, 13, 13, 12, 12, 12, 10, 10, 10, 10, 9, 9, 9, 9 and a handful under 9mm

Estradiol: 1279

Instructions until next appt: Follistim 350 IU, low-dose HCG 8 units, and 1 syringe of Ganirelix nightly. Then go back in on Monday morning for monitoring again.

I’m feeling pretty good about things so far. I am noticing that my right ovary has WAY more going on than my left ovary. Does anyone know if it’s common for one to be more productive than the other? I’m wondering if I have a sleepy left ovary or an over-achieving right ovary.

I’m still feeling really good on the meds. No side effects or anything. My ovaries don’t feel like softballs as I’ve read others say. I’m not super-bloated and they haven’t been triggering my migraines (thank goodness). Something tells me I’m going to pay for this later when it comes time for those Estrodial patches and Progesterone shots. For now, I’m taking advantage of feeling good.

Mr. A and I went strawberry picking this morning at a local farm and came home with 11.32 pounds of strawberries (we freeze most of them so we can have awesome local strawberries year round)! It reminded me that last year we were there doing the same thing, watching parents take pictures of their little ones toddling around with strawberry baskets and red strawberry juice all over their hands and mouths. I don’t really get jealous when I see things like that, mostly it just makes me smile. I can’t be mad or bitter when I’m looking at toddlers. Something about those chubby little legs and that wobbly walk just melts my heart. But then, at this time last year we’d only been trying for about 6 months and things were just starting to get concerning. I was sure that our time was just around the corner and by the next summer I’d be there with a wee one in a stroller. It stings a little that it didn’t happen that way for us, but I couldn’t help having that same thought this year. Our odds are better than they’ve ever been. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a baby in our arms by this time next year.