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Hi everyone! I know some of you were waiting for that egg retrieval update I promised, so here it is!

We got to the clinic a little before 7:30 and the nurse handed me a cup to pee in. Really wish somebody would have told me I’d have to do that. I probably peed 5 times before we left the house that day. I was so embarrassed when I handed her a cup with literally 10 drops of pee in it. Thankfully, she said that was more than enough.

Next stop – to the recovery room to change into a gown that seemed to cover everything except my bum. Awesome. The anesthetist came in to insert my IV (no biggie since he numbed my hand first). Mr. A was taken away for a bit to make his “contribution” and shortly after he returned, they walked me back to the egg retrieval room with a  blanket covering my butt. Once I got there, I was glad for the extra breeze. No exaggeration – that room had to be at least 90 degrees. They got me into position and strapped me into these leg-stirrup things. The last thing I remember is the nurse telling me she was going to insert a speculum. I was out before she ever picked it up. Never even saw the doctor before the procedure.

Shortly thereafter, I woke up in recovery with only minimal cramping, but I was very drowsy/dizzy. I attempted to sleep, but was cruelly kept awake by, what else? A friggin’ baby in the next recovery cubicle. Are you f*cking kidding me?! First – how insensitive is it to bring a baby to an infertility clinic – ever? Something the mom/dad should clearly understand as they were in a fertility procedure area themselves. Second – how just plain rude is it to bring an infant to any surgical recovery area and let the fucking thing cry the entire time?! I definitely mumbled some choice words just loud enough for those parents and the nurses to hear. We’ll blame it on the sedation drugs. I think someone at the facility finally asked the father to take the thing out to the waiting room after an hour or so. Ugh!

So…after nearly 2 hours of hanging out in the recovery room with nothing to do but wonder how many eggs we got, the doc (who was finishing up a new-patient consultation) came in. “We got 20 eggs, but your right ovary is a serious troublemaker.” Umm – yay! And also – uh oh, what does that mean? He said my right ovary was really high up away from the top of my vagina and the aspiration needle couldn’t reach it to get eggs there. Since my left ovary is the lazy one and only had 4 eggs, that’s all I would have gotten. Luckily, he said he “doesn’t like to lose,” so he called in his best “pusher” nurse. They had her push really hard on my tummy to get my ovary in a better position from the outside. Thankfully, they just made it work and we have 20 eggs to show for it instead of 4. Phew! Though – now I’m paranoid that I probably farted in the doctor’s face while I was under and they were pushing on my tummy. Ah – the joys of infertility.

I was really surprised to hear that my ovary was so far away, as the ultrasound tech always tells me how my ovaries show up so beautifully clear and make her job easy. If it was that far away, shouldn’t the images be fuzzy? Or maybe my ovary shifted a lot right before retrieval as it got bigger with all those mature follicles? I don’t know, but I really hope we get a baby out of these eggs, because now I’m paranoid that they won’t be able to retrieve from the right side next time. But for now – I’m thrilled that we have 20 eggs to work with and I’m going to think happy thoughts about them.

After going home, I slept most of the day as I just couldn’t shake the drowsy/dizzy feeling. I felt surprisingly pain-free – just a little bloated. Managed to get away with taking only 2 Tylenol all day. Feeling even better today. Really no pain at all as long as I don’t bounce around too much. I’m grateful for that, especially considering I had a nurse shoving my insides around. No bruising either, which is even more surprising.

In other news, the doc mentioned that Mr. A’s sperm look a bit better than they have in the past. He seemed to be in a rush and didn’t give us a lot of details, but he mentioned that the concentration was around 30mil/ml. The highest it’s ever been in the past is 22 mil/ml (and previously 18mil/ml and 14mil/ml), so we were pleased to hear that. I’m hoping I can get the full SA details when they call me later today with the fertilization report.

I’ll be back to update again soon once I get the fertilization report!