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Well, I finally broke down and called the clinic to get my fertilization report. I was running out of time before a long string of meetings that would have kept me tied up until after my clinic’s calling hours!

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results. Of the 20 eggs they collected, 17 were mature. And of those 17, 16 fertilized normally with ICSI! That’s a 94% fertilization rate. I was so relieved to hear that as my biggest fear was that there were some sort of chromosomal problems with my eggs or Mr. A’s sperm. Like I’ve said before, we’re considered unexplained/mild male-factor infertility. Mr. A’s sperm count isn’t severely low by any means. In fact, many couples would kill for counts like 14-22 mil/ml with excellent motility. So I guess I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop on our infertility, so to speak. I’ve always had a feeling there is something else at play here and when all my testing was turning up perfectly throughout this cycle and my ovaries were performing like champs, I was terrified that we had come all this way only to find out we couldn’t make normal embryos. We certainly still have a ways to go, but at least it’s looking like those fears were unfounded.

So there are now 16 little embabies growing-growing-growing in an incubator. It’s amazing how instantly attached you can feel to those little embryos. When I called to tell hubby there were 16, he sounded like he’d had a heart attack for a minute – as if I’d told him I were pregnant with 16-lets (if there’s a real word for that, I sure don’t know it). As far as we’re concerned there are 16 of our little babies sitting in an incubator right now. That’s a lot to be thankful for – and also a lot to lose.

Now we head into what I am calling the 4 Day Wait – our clinic isn’t big on providing regular updates on the development of the embryos. Unlike some of you who get updates on your little ones every day, our clinic was very clear that I should not expect any more information on their development until Monday morning immediately before my day 5 transfer (at this point they’re 99% sure we’ll be doing a 5-day based on the number that fertilized). At that time, we’ll get the results and talk with the doctor about how many embryos it is appropriate to transfer. I’m sooo glad that wait will take place over the weekend. Otherwise I don’t know what I’d do with myself.

They did say that Mr. A and I should discuss our preferences in the likely event that the doctor recommends transferring only one blastocyst. Since we have so many to start, there’s a good chance we’ll have at least one excellent quality blast and, in that case, they’ll recommend a single blast transfer to reduce the risk of multiples. We can, of course, override that suggestion and transfer two anyway, but it is definitely something to think about. I suspect Mr. A and I would lean in different directions on this, so we’ll see where we end up after some serious discussion. I just hate that we won’t get that info until the very last second. I’m a very numbers-oriented person. I’m going to have a bunch of questions like: If we only transfer one, what is the chance of a live birth? If we transfer two, what is the chance of a live birth? Chance of singleton? Twins? If we transfer only one fresh blast, is the chance of frozen blasts resulting in live birth reduced down the road due to potential thaw complications?

That’s all for now. I probably won’t have a lot to update you on until transfer, but I’ll be around, reading and commenting, so I’ll keep in touch!