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In the excitement of yesterday’s great fertilization report, I almost forgot that I had to start PIO injections that night! If, like me, it’s your first time to the IVF rodeo, you’ve probably read about the horrors of the Progesterone In Oil (PIO) injection. That it’s painful, it burns, causes skin reactions, etc. Well, I’m here to be at least one voice of encouragement.

Last night, Mr. A gave me my first PIO injection (I’ve been doing the subcutaneous shots myself, but there was no way I was psyching myself up to shove that 1.5″ needle in my hip) and I literally didn’t feel a thing. He was talking himself through the steps and I heard him say he was checking for blood, and I had to ask him if he had even jabbed me yet! By that point he had already injected the medicine and was done. Guy’s got skills. Now, I’m sure they won’t all be so blissfully easy and I doubt I’ll be immune to the infamous “lumpy butt” where you get hard lumps at the injection sites, but in general I’m relieved.

I put an ice pack on my butt/hip area while we were preparing the injection per my nurse’s advice and I think that’s a big part of the reason it didn’t hurt. I definitely suggest trying that! She also suggested to apply heat afterwards and massage the area. Mr. A rubbed the area for a few seconds just because it’s supposed to help the solution disperse in the muscle, but I didn’t find any heat to be necessary.