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It’s official – I’m in the Two Week Wait (which is really only a one week and 2 day wait because we’re already 5 days out from retrieval)! I am now, for the first time, PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise, for those of you lucky folks outside the infertile community).

I got up this morning, did the Prometrium vaginal suppository thing and drank the required amount of water in the appropriate time frame. Then we were on our way! Got to the clinic and the u/s tech checked my bladder. “Your bladder is literally empty. You are dehydrated. Drink this – FAST.” Yes ma’am, I’m a water-chugging champ. Downed a bottle of water in under 10 seconds. Wasn’t too surprised to hear I was dehydrated. Ever since the egg retrieval I’ve been peeing constantly. I feel like I can’t drink enough to keep up with the amount of water leaving my body!

They brought Mr. A and me to the procedure room where we waited for an HOUR (ugh!) before the u/s tech came back to check on my bladder. She said my bladder was perfectly full and my uterus was be-au-ti-ful. I like this u/s tech – she’s always complimenting my reproductive organs. She was apologetic for the wait and said the clinic was very busy today. Then she said she really hopes the doctor hurries up so my bladder doesn’t get too full and uncomfortable. Luckily, the doc showed up about 10 minutes later. By this point, after sitting for over an hour in an 81 degree room where deodorant is banned, I was too sweaty and anxious to be annoyed.

The doc breezed in and said, “So, how many are we transferring?” That annoyed me a little because: 1) he hadn’t given us any information about the quality of our embryos since retrieval so we had no information to go on, 2) he hadn’t given us any info on success rates for transferring 1 vs. 2, and 3) he’s the doc – shouldn’t he make a recommendation or something? I asked a few questions. Bottom line: our embryos are slightly slow growers but appear to be of good quality. None of them made it to full blastocyst stage by the time of transfer, but he said that he anticipated these two early blastocysts would get there within about 3 hours after transfer. I was disappointed to hear that none (out of 16!) made it to full blast. I suppose that if nothing else, this might eventually give us some insight into why we weren’t conceiving naturally.

He gave us a 65% chance of success with a 2-embryo transfer (of which 1/3 of pregnancies are twins and 2/3 are singletons) and a 40% chance of success with a single-embryo transfer. Neither Mr. A nor I were thrilled with the thought of having only a 40% chance after going through all of this, so I am now PUPO with two early blastocysts! All I can do now is settle in for the wait and hope they progress nicely now that they’re back in their natural environment. Snuggle in and grow, my little gummy bears! Here’s a pic of our little ones:


Our early blastocysts at 5 day transfer

No word yet on if there will be anything to freeze. We didn’t have any freezable embryos yet, of course, since our most developed were still at the early blast stage. They’re going to continue to culture to day 6 and we’ll get a freeze report on day 7 of what, if anything, was frozen. So at least I have something to obsess about in the short term before the long wait for our beta on July 10th.

I took an HPT this morning and it looks like the trigger is out of my system already, so I’m in the clear to test early if I want to. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Either way, if we do decide to test early at home, we’ll probably keep our results private until after the more revealing beta test.