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Once again, my clinic failed to call when they said they would with an update. I was supposed to get a report this morning on how many blasocysts, if any, were frozen after my transfer. I ended up calling them this afternoon since it felt like they’d forgotten about me again (they did the same thing with my fertilization report).

Anyway, here it is: we have 2 frozen embryos. Out of 16 fertilized eggs, only 2 made it to freeze. It’s not great, but I was thrilled to have anything to freeze. I know 2 is more than many people get. I was excited, anyway, until they told me the grades of those two: both are 5CB. My clinic uses a slightly different scale than the Gardner scale (they add a D option for ICM and TE grading), so this isn’t quite as awful as it looks at first glance, but it’s not good.

Basically, we’re short on cells in the Inner Cell Mass. No big deal, that’s just the part that becomes the baby. And those were the best ones out of the 6 they continued to culture to day 6. Everything else had died or been transferred to my uterus. Again – not having frozen embryos isn’t the end of the world. And having any embryos frozen is a good thing. But I can’t deny that this doesn’t bode well for the 2 that are hanging out in my uterus right now. Out of 16 fertilized embryos, none made it to full blastocyst stage on schedule and those that did eventually get there were of low quality.

Maybe it’s just all the hormones, but this feels pretty bad right now. For the first time since we started this IVF process, I can feel a breakdown coming on.

All that’s left to do now is wait for my beta on July 10th. At least it’s a holiday tomorrow and it’s supposed to be beautiful weather. If nothing else, it should keep me away from a computer so I can’t spend all day googling things.