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I have a confession to make: I’ve been keeping a secret.


I found out on Saturday morning when I got out of bed at 4:30 in the morning to pee and got my first-ever BFP on an FRER. The line was clear to me, but my eyes have had a lot of line-seeking training. Mr. A was wiping the sleep out of his eyes and wasn’t quite convinced yet. Anyway, I’ve been testing ever since and watching that beautiful second line get darker and darker!


BFP Series on FRER

Today’s beta is 149, which we’re thrilled with. The nurse said they were looking for a beta of 50 or more, and we tripled that! In fact, our beta of 149 at 16 days past trigger is higher than average for a singleton pregnancy but right on average for a twin pregnancy, according to this chart on my clinic’s website. From my research on forums, I think it could definitely go either way. I have a feeling it’s a singleton. We’re a little scared at the prospect of twins, but we’ll be thrilled to have healthy babies in whatever form they come to us.

Hearing the nurse congratulate us on our pregnancy made it feel ever-so-slightly more real. I’m still not having much in the symptom department. I’ve been symptom-tracking in a draft post for my own records and I’ll post that soon for those who are curious about such things. Next beta is scheduled for Monday morning. So far away! Grow, little baby(ies), grow!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you know me in real life and have found your way to this blog (I know there was at least one leak by a family member), PLEASE respect our wishes and do not say a word about this to ANYONE.Β We are far from out of the woods with this pregnancy and do not wish for anyone outside of our immediate families to know about it at this stage.