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I was wrong.


Twins ultrasound at 6w5d

It’s official – we’re having twins!!! Mr. A and I are a little bit in shock right now. He was thinking twins already, but I was totally convinced it was a singleton. We just keep erupting into fits of nervous/excited giggles. We’re so happy to have been blessed with TWO beautiful little babies. The more I think about it, the more perfect I realize this is. With my BRCA1 genetic mutation, procreation is a bit of a race against the clock. Breast or ovarian cancer can strike at any time, even at my young age, and I only have a handful of years left with my baby-making and baby-feeding organs before I have prophylactic surgery to remove my ovaries and breasts. If we had ended up with a singleton, I probably would have had to cut breastfeeding short so that I could start IVF again right away. This way, I can take the time to breastfeed the twins for a year and still have enough time to try for one more baby (if we decide that’s what we want) in two years or so. But, even if the worst happens and cancer strikes before we get the chance to try again, we’ll have a pretty perfect little family of four. A week ago I never would have said that I wanted twins (a singleton is a lower risk pregnancy and certainly more manageable after birth), but I’m just so grateful that things worked out this way.

I am 6w5d pregnant today. Twin A (on the right) is measuring at 6w3d and Twin B (on the left) is measuring at 6w4d. We got to see both little heartbeats fluttering away! The doctor said they’re both tracking great and there is no need for an adjusted due date (though they’re likely to arrive a bit earlier just because they’re twins), so I’m still due March 19th, 2013.

So much for my theory about how it couldn’t be twins because I had no symptoms! Apparently, you can feel perfectly great and be brewing a litter all the same. I still haven’t had a glimpse of nausea or any real pregnancy symptoms, but I’m okay with that now that I’ve seen those beautiful beating hearts on the ultrasound.

I am now officially graduated to my OB. The RE said they don’t really need to see me back again, but that if I have any concerns within the 1st trimester or I really just feel like I need to see the babies again, to give them a call and I can come in for an ultrasound. He said some OBs are really stingy with the ultrasounds and since they don’t hurt the baby, there’s no reason not to do them. I could have hugged him when he said that. My OB already wants to do another ultrasound at 8 weeks when I go in next week, so I doubt she’s the super-stingy type, but it’s good to know I can always get an ultrasound if I need one to calm my pregnant-after-infertility mind.