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I actually had my 12 week ultrasound at exactly 12 weeks last Wednesday, but I’ve been too busy going to bed at 8pm and taking naps all day to get an update posted. Oops.

We hadn’t seen the babies since about 7 weeks and they still looked decidedly like tadpoles then, so this was a big one. I was terrified since we hadn’t seen them in so long and was half-convinced we had lost one (just because there are no symptoms of a vanishing twin). But everything was just fine. The babies look like tiny humans now and they’re doing great – growing on track and healthy heartbeats! We had our Nuchal Translucency scan done at the same time and everything looked normal – both babies have nasal bones and NT measurements of 1mm or less.

We almost couldn’t get a measurement on Baby A because the little bugger was cuddled up on its side and didn’t want to move. Rolled over juuust long enough for the ultrasound tech to take a quick measurement and then went back to snuggling on its side. Here’s the best picture we got of Baby A – since the back is to the “camera” it’s definitely not the right angle for any nub theory gender guesses! LOL


Baby A at 12w0d – laying on its side

Baby B was more of a show-off on ultrasound day. Also – I’m going to be calling B a “he” because I just feel like it’s a boy (and though my hunches have been very wrong before, the ultrasound tech was feeding that hunch – more in a minute). Anyway, he was a freakin’ gymnast in there – the entire time, he literally used my cervix as a trampoline, crouching down and then shoving off (thankfully I couldn’t feel it)! At one point, he did a full front flip right on “camera” while we were watching. It. Was. Awesome. Since we were getting a better look at Baby B, I asked the tech if she makes just-for-fun gender guesses this early based on nub theory. She said that she used to, but then she got burned a few times so she doesn’t anymore. BUT – throughout the entire exam, she kept calling Baby B “he” and “him.” And when she was struggling to get Baby A in a position to get measurements, she made a comment about how she wished “Baby A would cooperate as well as its brother…er, or sister.” So I don’t know if she was thinking B is a boy or if those were just a few random pronouns she threw out there, but it was kinda fun either way. More and more, I’m realizing that I absolutely don’t care which genders they are, I just can’t friggin’ wait to know what they are! It’ll all feel more real when we can start buying cute outfits and planning the nursery. Here’s a snapshot of Baby B. Look at the tiny nose and chin! Squee!


Baby B at 12w0d – profile shot

If you’ve been following along, you know we had blood drawn for the MaterniT21 test at 10w1d. I still hadn’t received results by my 12 week appointment, so the nurse called the Sequenom lab to follow up. They said they were unable to get results because there wasn’t enough fetal DNA in my blood sample. Apparently, this is pretty common when the blood is drawn right around 10 weeks. So I gave another sample at 12 weeks and hopefully it will work this time. They said I was put on a priority queue to be tested before the rest of the general testing pool. So I’m hoping to have results sometime this week. Thankfully, since the babies had normal measurements at the NT scan, I’m a little more at-ease about what the test will show.

That’s all for now (and I think this post is long enough!). Will touch base again soon when I have my first appointment with my new OB at 16 weeks (my reason for switching could be its own post so I won’t get into that for now) or whenever I get those elusive MaterniT21 results.