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I had a prenatal checkup yesterday – my first appointment with my new OB. First things first, both babies appear to be doing well. He did a quick ultrasound using a portable ancient-looking machine that gave fuzzy images, so we didn’t get any info about gender, which was disappointing, but we did get to see both heartbeats and that was enough for me. I get so worked up about Vanishing Twin Syndrome between ultrasounds that by the time ultrasound day arrives I’ve convinced myself that we’ve surely lost one of the twins. I’m not showing enough for there to be two in there. I don’t feel any movement yet. I had some cramping the other day. Etc. Once an Infertile, always an Infertile, I guess.

The other good news: this new doctor, Dr. Z, is amazing. I’m so unbelievably thankful to have found him. After basically being told by my old practice that I would be stupid to attempt a vaginal delivery with twins (even if twin A was head-down), I decided to look elsewhere. I’m all for c-section when it’s called for or when vaginal delivery would put the babies in any kind of risk (and I won’t be heartbroken if that’s how things shake out), but I don’t like the idea of pushing twin moms toward unnecessary surgery and the longer recovery period. New doc, Dr. Z, firmly believes that most twins can be born vaginally as long as baby A is head down and baby B is similar in size or smaller than baby A (this is important if breech extraction is required). He’s totally comfortable with breech extractions and has a long track record of success with them. In fact, he’s only ever had two double-whammy births (baby A born vaginally and baby B born via emergency c-section) and those were both due to unavoidable issues with a prolapsed cord on baby B. Pretty impressive.

I’m feeling mostly like poo these days. I was all excited when I made it through the first trimester nausea-free and thought for sure I’d be unscathed for the rest of the pregnancy (by nausea anyway). Wrong. Apparently I’m just a late bloomer. I’m not feeling nauseous, but I’ve developed a nasty gag reflex. Sometimes it’s triggered by smells, sometimes it’s triggered by absolutely nothing. It was funny at first because it would be so random, but lately the gagging has gotten so bad that it ends in me vomiting. Pregnancy thought of the day: What is it with vomiting anyway? Why is it that when you vomit, your body suddenly needs to be super-efficient and clear all the pipes at once? You have no choice but to vomit, pee, and fart all at the same time. Thank god I haven’t gone into a vomiting session with a poop on deck. Yet.

We scheduled an elective gender ultrasound for this Saturday morning, so as long as the babies cooperate, I’ll have news to share later that day. My mom wants to send the shower invitations by the end of the month (since our shower will fall right in the middle of the holiday season) and we just don’t have time to wait until our 20 week scan to find out.