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Hey everyone – it’s been a while. Not that you’ve been fretting over (or even noticing) my absence, but I’m definitely overdue for an update. At least half of the reason I have this blog is to document everything for my own sake. I’ve been failing even at that.


17w3d: Baby B laying with its head on Baby A’s tummy.

So, 23 weeks along. Here are the highlights:

Genders: It’s a secret for now (more on that in a moment)!

Size/Position of the babies: As of my last ultrasound at 20w5d, Baby A was 15 oz. and Baby B was 12 oz. They were side by side in my belly, both head-down (Baby A on my right, Baby B on my left as I look down at my own belly)

Movement: I started feeling the babies wiggle around in there at about 21 weeks. I think I was feeling it before then, but couldn’t be sure if it was gas or babies. Still feels like they’re wiggling/rolling. No strong punches/kicks yet. Mr. A can’t feel any movement from the outside yet.

How I’m feeling: No more gagging/vomiting. Feeling pretty good during the day, but struggling to sleep well at night. Lots of pelvic aches/pains, especially upon standing/walking after sitting for a while (OB says this is totally normal).

Weight Gain: Total weight gain so far is 8.5 pounds.

Stretch Marks: are happening – I’m screwed. I got my first batch by about 13 weeks and it seems like another one shows up every week. They run in my family and there’s nothing I can do about them. I expect to look like a road map by the end of this. And that’s okay. If that’s the price I pay for these babies, I’ll take it with a smile. I use coconut oil and Earth Mama Angel Baby oil and those keep the itchies away, but no oil or cream can prevent stretch marks, sadly.

Belly button: Still an inny.

Cravings: None. Still a challenge to find anything I actually want to eat.

Missing anything?: Just my appetite.

Labor Signs: None, but my OB has ordered a minimum of one hour of rest (laying on my side) in the middle of every work day. It’s precautionary, and totally appreciated. Makes a big difference.

Big appointments: We went for an elective gender ultrasound at 17w3d and found out the genders with a decent degree of certainty. They also did some 3D shots. The babies were too small to get very clear images and they were still so skinny they looked like rats, but it was awesome anyway! The genders were confirmed at our 20-week anatomy scan, where they also confirmed that both babies are healthy and everything looks normal. We won’t be sharing the genders for a couple more weeks, though. We’re doing a gender reveal at our baby shower on December 8th and I know some family/friends read this blog!

Nursery updates: Mr. A has been hard at work! He ripped out some ugly old wood paneling from the nursery and put up drywall. He put in a nice dimmable light fixture (so we can keep the lights low for late-night feedings) and painted the walls with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. We’re going to do a gray nursery with pops of color. We also have brand-new carpet being installed today. As for furniture, we have (or have ordered) all the major items for the nursery: Babyletto Modo cribs, Little Castle chair-and-a-half glider with enough room to breastfeed both twins at once (and the matching ottoman), and an Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer dresser that will also be our changing table (bonus – it’s really tall so we won’t break our backs changing all those diapers).

Baby Purchases: We bought our side-by-side stroller (Bumbleride Indie Twin) a long time ago because we found a ridiculous deal for it on craigslist. We also bought two Arm’s Reach Co-Sleepers on craigslist to use in our room for the first couple months. I’m building my cloth diaper stash for the babies. I have all the prefolds we’ll need for the newborn stage and the covers for the newborn stage should arrive at my doorstep any day now. I have about 18 one-size AIO BumGenius Freetime diapers for when they are bigger (and I registered for a bunch and will continue to buy more when they’re on sale). I bought the baby memory books and I’ve started filling those out. I’ve bought a handful of adorable baby clothing items that I just couldn’t resist, but I’ve been pretty good about not going overboard there. Let’s see, what else is in that rapidly-growing pile of baby stuff that’s taking over our living room? The infant car seats that were a gift from my Grandpa, some baby shower gifts that are arriving at our house already, a handful of cloth diapers that I’ve sewn (I should probably post about those) and I think that’s about it.

I’m going to try to keep doing these highlight updates weekly from now on and hopefully that will make for a bunch of shorter posts rather than intermittent really long posts.