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No big milestones or anything this week, but time seems to be flying by. My doctor reminded me at my appointment on Monday that these babies are likely to be born in the next 10 weeks. Holy crap! My baby shower is this weekend. Seems early to have it before 26 weeks, but we had to work around the holidays and I’m honestly not sure I’d be able to survive the day if we scheduled it much later. My limit for being up and about is 3-4 hours these days before I need to lay down on my side. That “wall” they talk about in twin pregnancies is no joke.

Genders: Still a secret, but I’ll tell you what they are in next week’s update (unless I do a post about the shower), I promise!

Size/Position of the babies: Haven’t had another ultrasound to measure them individually yet, but there’s definitely some growing happening. At 20w5d, I was measuring 23 weeks (for a singleton). This Monday at 24w5d, I was measuring 30 weeks.

Movement: Lots of movement. The kicks are getting a bit stronger now.

How I’m feeling: I’m having a lot of pelvic pain, which Dr. Z says is due to the loosening of the joints and ligaments in my hips and pelvis. Sometimes by the end of the day I need help changing and getting into bed because I can hardly move. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it and it’s only going to get worse. Dr. Z has suggested that I start working from home full-time at this point (I currently work from home twice a week) or switch to half days as sitting at a desk is just as bad as being on your feet. Either way, gravity causes my uterus to put pressure on my pelvis. I need to be spending more time laying on my side. I have a meeting with my boss scheduled for tomorrow, so I’ll discuss my options with her then.

Weight Gain: I actually weighed a half pound less this morning than a week ago, but we’ll just stick with last week’s total weight gain of 11 pounds.

Stretch Marks: Yes, many of them.

Belly button: Still an inny.

Cravings: I’ve been wanting ice cream a lot (but I got ice cream cravings even when I wasn’t pregnant). Still a challenge to find any real food that I want to eat.

Missing anything?: Maybe the ability to actually get things done. Lately I’m feeling really motivated to nest, but my body can’t keep up with the to-do list in my mind. I get one or two things done, then I have to lay down and I fall asleep on the couch.

Labor Signs: I think I had some contractions for the first time Thanksgiving night. Certain circumstances led to me doing a lot more than I’d planned as far as cooking/cleaning that day and I know I overdid it. I literally could not walk by the time I got home (pelvic/back pain) and was almost in tears trying to get in bed. Thankfully the contractions didn’t progress and I felt much better the next morning.

Big appointments: We have our 26 week ultrasound in two weeks where they’ll check growth, cervical length, fluid measurements, etc. My cervix was 3.96 cm last time and I’m hoping for little to no change.

Nursery updates: Nothing has really been done since last week’s update. The thanksgiving weekend kept us pretty busy. Mr. A is on a tight deadline now to get that room ready by Sunday. We have no more space to keep piling things up in the living room. We need to start moving the babies’ stuff in there! Also – I’ve done zero nursery decorating because there isn’t a finished room to decorate. And I’m starting to panic because my productive days are dwindling VERY fast. So…feeling a bit stressed/frustrated about that right now.

Baby Purchases: Bought a handful of Summer Infant SwaddleMe wraps – they should be delivered today, yay! Not baby-related, but I also bought a few Christmas gifts. All shopping will be done early and online this year. I can’t imagine a hell worse than the mall at Christmastime in my current state.