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Late again! Only by a day this time. Close enough. 😉

Genders: Two girls!

Size/Position of the babies: I’m now measuring 33 weeks. Anybody want to place bets on when I’ll be measuring full term? I’m going to guess it happens by my 30 week appointment.

Movement: Lots of movement. When they really get going now I can see my belly moving from the outside! So weird/awesome.

How I’m feeling: Can’t really complain. My ailments are all just discomforts, and that’s to be expected. Still getting the pelvic/back pain and now I have developed carpal tunnel in my left wrist due to the increased fluid in my body (I didn’t even realize you could get that from being pregnant).

Weight Gain: Up a total of 16 pounds so far.

Stretch Marks: Yes, lots of them, but no new ones for a while.

Belly button: Still an inny.

Cravings: Not really a craving, but I have been eating a lot of pears lately. They settle my tummy when I get gaggy.

Missing anything?: Still missing the ability to actually get things done. I’m super-motivated to nest, but my body can’t keep up with my to-do list. Seems like every day I add 5 things to the list and cross one off.

Labor Signs: Still holding strong. Haven’t noticed any more contractions. They weren’t able to measure my cervical length at my appointment Monday because the ultrasound machine was broken. I should have an update next week after I go in for my rescheduled ultrasound.

Big appointments: We had our 26 week appointment on Monday (which is really closer to 27 weeks, but that’s ok). We just met with a nurse practitioner this time and she did all the basic check up stuff and then went over labor protocols (when to call, where to go, etc.). We have an ultrasound this coming Monday and I really hope the second monitor is working because it was broken at our last ultrasound and I didn’t get to see anything. 😦

Nursery updates: I’ve started the baby laundry, but that’s about the only development since last week. Most of the finishing touches (paint, outlet covers, etc.) are done now, so we’ll definitely have the cribs assembled and in place this weekend. I’m so excited to see them in there! Still no word on our delayed glider/ottoman order.

Baby Purchases: At this point, I really think we have most of the essentials. Except clothes. We really need to be getting some clothes. Of all things, why do I keep putting that off? It seems like that should be the fun part?