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Super-late update this time. I hit 28 weeks on Christmas day. 28 weeks is a big milestone. We’re officially in the third trimester now and we’re most certainly within 10 weeks of having babies in our arms. I can’t believe how fast time is flying! 28 weeks is also a big milestone because viability outside the womb skyrockets to 90%+. We know how important it is to get these babies closer to at least 34 weeks to avoid long-term health issues, but the survival statistics are still comforting.

Genders: Two girls!

Size/Position of the babies: My uterus was measuring 35 weeks as of my appointment on Monday at 27w5d. Baby A was still on my right side, vertex (head down) weighing 2lbs 10oz and measuring 28w4d. Baby B is on my left side, has flipped to breech, weighing 2lbs 9oz and measuring 28w1d. Both are falling around the 60th percentile in most measurements. So far, the criteria for attempting a vaginal delivery (baby A head down and larger than baby B) are still being met, but just barely. Here are some pictures from their last ultrasound:


Baby A at 27w5d – look at that chubby cheek!


Baby B at 27w5d – getting so big!

Movement: Lots of movement. Big movement. Sometimes it looks and feels like aliens are swimming around in my belly.

How I’m feeling: Got randomly puke-y the day after Christmas. I don’t know if I ate some bad shrimp or what, but my body seriously rejected them. Otherwise, I’m feeling really good. Even my pelvic pain has been better this week, probably because I’ve been off work and resting more.

Weight Gain: Up a total of 16.5 pounds as of Monday’s appointment.

Stretch Marks: Yes, lots of them, but no new ones for weeks now.

Belly button: Still an inny.

Cravings: Mint chocolate chip ice cream (again, not really sure an ice-cream craving can be classified as pregnancy-related for me).

Missing anything?: Nope! I’ve been quite content.

Labor Signs: No contractions or anything that I know of. They didn’t measure my cervical length at my last ultrasound (said the doctor didn’t order it), which makes me a little nervous, but I’ll bring it up on Tuesday at our next appointment.

Big appointments: Had an ultrasound on Monday and everything looks normal and the babies look very healthy. I have my 1-hour glucose test on Tuesday, so that’s definitely a big one! Really really hoping I pass.

Nursery updates: The cribs are built and have bedding on them. The closet and dresser are filling with baby clothes and supplies. I FINALLY finished the four curtain panels I was sewing and those will go up today or tomorrow. It’s really starting to come together!

Baby Purchases: We finally took the plunge and went shopping for baby clothes and we’re now just about stocked for the newborn stage. We kept it practical – lots of sleepers (mostly zip-up), onesies, and some legging-type pants since it will likely be cold in Chicago when these girls arrive. We still need one or two more packages of onesies and some socks and mittens, but that’s about it. We even bought their coming-home outfits. We’re choosing to be optimistic by buying newborn size. I’m hoping for big, healthy twins!


Twin girls’ coming-home outfits!