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Well – it’s been an eventful week. I’m back to work now (from home, though, which is really nice). Here’s the update!

Genders: Two girls!

Size/Position of the babies: No updates here since last week.

Movement: Movements are big now and very different from the rumbly, wiggly feelings I got in the second trimester. Now it feels like a knee poking out or a shoulder rolling to the side. Very big, dragging-like movements. You can see them if you watch my belly from the outside. So weird, and totally awesome.

How I’m feeling: Overall, not bad. Just minor gripes. The carpal tunnel in my left wrist has gotten pretty bad and I’m starting to develop the same pain in my right wrist, too. I really hope this is one of those pregnancy ailments that goes away right after delivery, because I’m worried it will make it hard for me to lift/hold/maneuver two babies. My wrists are currently so weak that I’m having a hard time lifting my 15 pound dog with both hands. Aside from that, I feel like I’ve got a second wind with this pregnancy. Being off work for a couple weeks and spending more time reclining and side-leaning has done wonders for my pelvic pain and my ability to get things done around the house.

Weight Gain: As of yesterday I was up 21 pounds at my doctor’s office, but I think that’s probably a couple pounds over reality. It was -16 degrees in northern Chicagoland yesterday and I was still bundled in my big winter boots and sweater. You know you’re getting hugely pregnant when it comes time to get on the scale and you’d rather take the extra couple pounds than go through the ordeal of trying to take your own shoes off.

Stretch Marks: Yes, lots of them, but no new ones for weeks now.

Belly button: Still an inny.

Cravings: I’ve been eating a lot of soup lately, but I think it’s just because it’s one of the only foods that doesn’t gross me out.

Missing anything?: Nope! But I have a feeling I’m about to miss lots of yummy sweet foods – keep reading.

Labor Signs: No contractions or anything that I know of. A manual cervix check shows that it’s holding strong.

Big appointments: Well – we officially have our first (and hopefully only) pregnancy complication. I failed my 1-hour glucose test last Tuesday with a 162 (had to be under 140), so not exactly borderline either. Then I went back in yesterday for the 3-hour and my fasting glucose was 103 (failing because greater than 99), so they didn’t even want me to drink the glucola and complete the test. I have gestational diabetes. Womp womp. It’s not a huge shock as it’s twice as common in twin pregnancies as in singleton pregnancies, but it’s going to mean a big dietary change for a girl who has had a serious aversion to most sources of protein throughout this pregnancy. Thankfully, the biggest issue associated with GD is a high birth weight and twins are typically not large babies, so the odds of us ending up with 10+ lb twins are still slim to none. But I think there are other less-common risks associated with GD – I’m still learning exactly what this means. Our next step is to meet with a dietitian to learn about how to control the GD with diet and how to monitor my levels.

Nursery updates: Our huge chair-and-a-half glider and ottoman arrived on Friday and I’m super-excited about it. It’s going to be the perfect size for breastfeeding twins (or cuddling with them to read a book when they’re a bit older). At this point, all of the essential pieces are in place in the nursery. We just have to put some finishing touches on the decor!

Baby Purchases: A few more cloth diapers. And we got lots of 0-3 month sized clothes gifted from my parents! We’re also going to a 1st birthday party this weekend for a very fashionable little lady whose mama (Mr. A’s cousin) is going to give us some awesome hand-me-downs that she has outgrown. After seeing the prices of  baby clothes, this is my biggest tip to ANY new mom, but definitely moms of multiples. Take any and all offers of used clothing. It’s so expensive and since they’re only in each size for a short time, the used clothes are usually in excellent shape! New-to-me is just as good as brand-new, as far as I’m concerned.