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I’m 30 weeks pregnant as of Wednesday. The big milestone this week is that we’ll now definitely deliver in our planned hospital (if the babies were to arrive before 30 weeks, they’d have to take them to a hospital with a higher level NICU).

Genders: Two girls!

Size/Position of the babies: I was measuring at 36 weeks as of my last appointment on Saturday. No ultrasound until the end of the month, so no update on size or position of the individual babies until then.

Movement: Getting less frequent as it gets more crowded in there, but very alien-like when they do happen.

How I’m feeling: I figured out that the pain in my wrist area is not actually carpal tunnel, but in fact De Quervain’s tenosynovitis and I bought the appropriate thumb-stabilizing wrist braces, so that pain has lessened. Unfortunately, the braces really limit my dexterity and the pain is only relieved while I’m wearing them, so that’s a bit annoying.

Weight Gain: As of this morning, it looks like a total of 23 pounds.

Stretch Marks: Yes, lots of them, but no new ones for weeks now.

Belly button: Still an inny, but not by much. It’s pretty much flat at this point.

Cravings: Just oranges this week.

Missing anything?: Nope! Pretty content and anxious to meet our girls (but need them to stay on the inside for a few more weeks, please)!

Labor Signs: No contractions or anything that I know of. A manual cervix check shows that it’s holding strong.

Big appointments: I’m still trying to get my first appointments set up with the dietitian and diabetic educator. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in later this week or early next week. I already have my glucose testing supplies, so I just need instructions on what to do with them and how to use food to control my blood sugar. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to control it with diet alone. I’ll use insulin if necessary, but after all the IVF stuff I was really hoping to be done with injections by this point in the pregnancy!

Nursery updates: It’s really coming together. I like to just hang out in there sometimes. I fell asleep in the glider for a little bit yesterday with the puppies at my feet and our kitty in my lap. I love that chair. I sewed some changing pad covers out of minky fabric (so soft!) using this tutorial. They were super-easy to make and they fit great! I bought two yards per the tutorial guidelines and I actually still have plenty of fabric left to make some knock-off taggies (now to find some cute ribbon for the tags!).


Mommy-made minky changing pad cover!

Baby Purchases: I had a baby shower at work this week. It was nice to stop into the office for half a day to see everyone. I was surprised to see that both men and women from my group showed up! They gave us some really great gifts – clothes, books, blankets, dolls, a travel boppy (smart!), etc. I haven’t personally purchased anything this week, but I got some fabric in the mail to make simple minky blankets. It’s beautiful fabric and I can’t wait to sew them up. I’ll definitely post once they’re finished. These girls are going to be so spoiled!