Well, I’m 31 weeks today and it doesn’t look like we’ll be making it to our ultimate goal of at least 36 weeks. My water broke this morning at 5am. I woke up thinking “I think I have to pee…no, wait, I think I AM peeing…no, wait, that’s not pee!” Of course it would happen today, because Mr. A was halfway across the country in NY for business. Luckily, my parents live close, so they came to the house and scooped me up. Also luckily, Mr. A was able to get a flight home almost immediately (only seat available was first class – thank goodness his company picked up the tab on that one) and he is now with me in the hospital.

At this point, they’ve confirmed that baby A’s water broke, but it does not appear that I’m going into labor. I’m having some minor contractions that I can barely feel and they’re about 7 minutes apart. It’s a waiting game to see if they’ll get stronger/closer together. If they do, the babies will be making their grand entrance to the world. Otherwise, they’re giving me steroids for the girls’ lung development and antibiotics to fend off infection now that my water is broken.

I’ll be in the hospital until the babies are born, whether that’s today or 3 weeks from now, so I’ll have lots of time to keep up with everyone’s blogs!